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Publishing a Quiz

To publish the quiz/exam simply means you are making the quiz available. You have to publish the quiz before it can be taken.

Below are the steps to be taken in other to publish the quiz.

  • Click on the “Publish” button in the quiz section you wish to publish. As shown in Figure 2.0(a) you will be redirected to the publish page.
  • It shows the current status based on the quiz settings value for the private quiz, but this can be changed by unchecking the “Private quiz” box.
  • If it’s a private quiz, you then have to assign a group(s) to the quiz and assign the quiz taker(s) to the group before you can going to the next step Quiz Settings where you can make changes to the quiz.
  • Set/Manage the quiz schedule.
  • You can change Invigilate Quiz
  • Confirm changes made before clicking on publish.

To go to the previous tab in the publish section click on the “Previous” button.

To go back to the quiz index click on the “Back” button.

  • Click on the “Save” button to save your progress.
  • After publishing the quiz takers, will get an email about the quiz containing the below details about the quiz;
    • Title of Quiz
    • Description of Quiz
    • Instructions of Quiz
    • Date and Time for the Quiz
    • Exam link (only the quiz takers).

You cannot:

  • Publish a quiz without having a question in that quiz.
  • Publish a private quiz without having a group.
  • Publish a quiz set to use grade system without having setting up a grading system.

Figure 2.0(a) Publish Quiz


Figure 2.0(b) Publish Quiz

Figure 2.1 Publish Quiz

Figure 2.2 Publish Quiz