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General Quiz Settings

You can set a general settings that will apply to every new quiz you create.

This can be found in the “Configuration” button in the sidebar.

Click on “Quiz

You will be redirected to https://portal.renderquiz.com/quizsettings

Figure 4.5(a) Quiz General Settings


Follow the instructions listed below to set your quiz.

  • Maximum Quiz Attempts: this refers to how many times an examiner can take your quiz.
  • Generate Certificate: you can generate a certificate which will be presented to an examiner after exam has been taken.

The certificate can also have a validity period if needed

  • Randomize Questions: this refers to how questions will be displayed in a random order to each respondent.
  • Automatic Question Numbering: this refers to a sequential number will be automatically added to the start of each question.
  • Time limit: Respondents will only have the set time to complete the whole quiz. The time limit is entered in the format hours: minutes (hh:mm)
  • Answer(s) feedback: As each page is completed the answers and any feedback will be displayed to the respondent.
  • Show Summary after Quiz: The results page will be displayed to the respondent when they submit the quiz.
  • Use Grade System: This refers to setting a grade for each exam.
  • Invigilate Quiz: Real-time video monitoring using Zoom to invigilate your quiz/exam.