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Creating Question from Question bank

This enables you to create questions from an array of ready-made questions on a number of topics.

You can select from your question bank and/or question bank from the Renderquiz bank.

Here are the steps to follow to create a question using the question bank feature.

  • Click on the “Add Questions from Question Bank” button in the question index page

  • You will be redirected to the page to create question(s) from the question bank page as shown in figure 2.4

Figure 3.0 Create Question from question bank


  • Select where you want to create your questions from, Admin or/and your personal question bank.
  • Select question type(s) which you will want your questions from.
  • Check the category (or categories) you want your questions from.
  • Enter the number of questions you want to add for each of the categories selected.
  • Or enter the total number of questions you want based on the categories selected.
  • Click on Add to create the questions.
  • A preview of the questions to be created will be showed where you can select or unselect the questions you want.
  • Then click add.

Your questions will be created