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Display the results for the quiz according to the date it was taken.

  • Click on the “Results” button in the quiz section to manage quiz results. As shown in Figure 2.4(a).
  • Where the information’s about the quiz taker(s) are displayed.
  • Click on “Details” to see more for information about each of the quiz taker(s) as shown in Figure 2.4(b).
  • You also can mark “Essay” Type questions attempted by the quiz taker.
  • See figure 2.4(c).
  • Click on “Mark Essay” for the essay type question you want to mark to give it a grade.
  • Click “Submit Result” button to update the quiz taker’s score after marking all the essay questions.
  • Notification is sent to quiz taker about the updated result.\

Figure 2.4(a)


Figure 2.4(b)


Figure 2.4(c)