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Using Render Quiz in the Classroom: 3 Creative Ideas from our Team

Render Quiz can definitely be your best bud during online lessons and exams, but we are very eager to join you in the physical classroom as well! Starting from introducing new topics through interactive ways, to getting student’s opinions through open-ended questions, the enthusiasm of online learning can be delivered right into your classroom. Can’t say it any better than Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Allowing students to be part of the teaching process through open-ended questions and contributions in class, makes the learning process highly assured!

Our team has put together some ideas on how you can make the most of Render Quiz in the classroom for some guaranteed engagement:

1.Quiz your students before a new lesson

Quizzing your students daily before diving into a new lesson has a whole lot of benefits! First and foremost, they provide a good lead-in for either a lecture or discussion of the material. Also, students are provided with a real foundation for intellectual growth. How else can a student truly learn to interpret a work without knowing the facts? Quizzes can help in creating a general idea of what is to be taught in the class for each day.

2. Make sure your students are paying attention

Don’t just teach the information, test your students mid-Lesson! Include knowledge checks with multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks to make sure your students are paying attention. We both know students hardly pay much attention in the classroom; they’re either staring at the clock waiting for the end of the class or whispering to their friends about an entirely different topic. But by ensuring interactivity during teaching, you can increase the probability of them paying rapt attention in the classroom.

3. Make mundane material interesting with eye-catching graphics

Whether you’re teaching quadratic equations or delving into Shakespearean literature, Render Quiz can make it interesting and captivating to your learners with our unique features. Engage your students in an open-ended quiz filled with eye catching graphics to test their knowledge on a lesson. Cut through the laughter and chatter in the classroom by inserting a variety of media into your quizzes, this will keep them interested even when it’s a boring topic.

Try out one of our ideas in your classroom today by signing up on Render Quiz.The world of learning is dynamic and fast-paced and student engagement is a challenge we love to tackle. So, in the quest to impact knowledge in your learners, cut through the distractions in the classroom  with Render Quiz.

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

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