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Do You Make These 12 Common Online Assessment Mistakes? Shocking Mistakes Candidates Make During Online Assessments

Many candidates need to realize that the negative responses from employers often stem from blunders and terrible mistakes they make during online assessments. Being turned down for a role you want can be devastating. Experts say it may push you down in the dumps and shatter your confidence.

Check out 12 of the most common mistakes candidates make during online tests.

Mistake #1 Lack of preparation

Neglecting to prepare or review the material beforehand can lead to poor performance. Many applicants cram before the test, but research shows that studying over many sessions results in better long-term retention. This is because the information you let in through cramming gets stored in your short-term memory and is quickly forgotten once you turn in your test.

 Mistake #2 Not reading instructions carefully

Before starting the assessment, it is important to carefully read the instructions and understand the format, time limit, and other requirements. Every online assessment begins with a set of instructions from the test publisher. Since, during many online assessments, you might not get a second chance to reread the instructions, it is critical that you understand the rules before you begin. Not following instructions, such as not marking answers in the correct place or submitting the test prematurely, can result in a lower score or even a disqualification.

Mistake #3 Not using the appropriate technology

Familiarizing yourself with the technology used for the assessment before the test date can help to avoid technical issues during the test.

 Mistake #4 Having a Poor Internet Connection

A persistent bad internet connection may cost you a job. Make sure you have a strong internet connection before going out for interviews. If the internet connection problem persists, consider cleaning your device’s cache, updating your browser, or relocating your router.

Mistake #5 Distractions

You need to take the test in a quiet place. Switching off your phone and stowing all gadgets away is, therefore, a good idea. A college or local library might also serve the purpose of a quiet room. If you’re planning to take the test home, tell your family when the exam is.

Mistake #6 Inappropriate time management

How you structure your time during an online test is important. Make a plan of how long you will spend on each task and stick to those times. Assign some time in the beginning for planning and at the end to finish things off so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Running out of time or spending too much time on one question can negatively impact overall performance.

Mistake #7 Guessing

Guessing on questions rather than answering based on knowledge or evidence can negatively impact your score.

Mistake #8 Giving Dishonest Answers to  Questions

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to personality tests. Rather than trying to outsmart the test, your goal should be to answer the questions honestly. If you answer dishonestly, you may get hired for a position that’s a bad fit for your skills. Many candidates provide false information – such as incorrect GPA or work experience – to the employers only to advance to the next stage. This has a negative impact on them as employers later find out about their wrongdoings.

Mistake #9 Spending too long on one question

Spending too long on one question is a big mistake most candidates make. The trick is to spend time on what you can do and then return to the rest. Leave the tricky questions for the end of the paper – you want to take advantage of the marks.

Mistake #10 cheating

Many candidates try to cheat during online assessments to progress to the next stage. But cheating is tantamount to telling yourself you don’t believe in your abilities. Besides, companies frequently retest candidates with onsite tests as well. So it’s not worth getting friends to help you pass the test or use other means to cheat.

Mistake #11 Failing to read and understand the questions thoroughly

Read each question carefully before moving on to the next one. This looks tedious, but it will take much less time than double-checking.

Mistake #12 Lack of quality sleep

Being well-rested before the test will improve not only your memory but also your concentration. One of the dumbest mistakes candidates make before online assessments is not getting a night of proper sleep. Sleep is an active process during which your brain produces hormones beneficial for growth and repair.

In summary, poor internet connectivity, device compatibility issues, assessment platform problems, cheating, using unauthorized resources, and having someone else take the assessment on your behalf are common mistakes made during an online test.

Also, Lack of preparation, not knowing the platform and not allotting enough time to complete the assessment, and improper pacing can lead to careless mistakes. Distractions, including phone notifications, background noise, or other interruptions, can affect your focus and concentration during the assessment.

It’s important to be aware of these mistakes and to take the necessary steps to avoid them to improve your chances of success in online assessments.

“The quality of assessors is critical to the quality of assessment results.”- Pearl Zhu

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